Getting First Book in Paperback

I finally got “We’re Finally On Our Own” on paperback, but it will still be on Kindle as well.  I am excited about it finally being in paperback.  I can wait until I get my copy of that book in my hand.

I will admit, it was a major chore making that book into paperback.  It took me five hours to make it perfect:  formatting the body writing to fit the 6″x9″ pages and making the book cover picture perfect with the right amount of dpi’s.    Even though it took me a very long time to get it perfect, I didn’t want to give up and make it possible.  I have been writing stories for a few decades, and have been serious about my writing career, and that was what made me very determined to make that novel possible.


I Won Some Prizes!

Around Easter time, I ordered some ink refills for my Copic markers at, and they had a Easter Egg Hunt, and you can find eggs through out their site, and possibly win prizes. I found several of them. It did take awhile for me to get my order, but I feel like part of it was my fault. It’s kind of a long story… Anyway, when I got the refills in the mail – I got a lot of interesting things that were added into my package. I did get some of the prizes.
The prizes are: two crafty stamps, parchment paper (10 sheets), and crafty paper (pad).


Today, I finally did something with the rubber stamp.


I quickly grabbed my Copic markers and started coloring.  I am happy with the results.  I think it is my best coloring I did with those markers.  I am still working on shading and blending.  The results look better in person than it does from the photo – the blending.


One Of The Problems Of Being a Writer

One of the things that can cause problems while being a writer, more than one story can appear in your head at the same time.  Usually, when I am towards the end of writing one of my stories (novels), another story has popped into my head – with new characters and a new plot line.  However, this year, has been different, I had more than one story floating around in my head.  It has been very difficult completing one story quickly, because I have been either making notes/outlines for each story and working on all of them when I am not working at my regular job.

I still have two pilots I would like work on before this year is over, and a full screenplay, and two novels.  I am hoping that this summer will be a great time for me to make some writing accomplishments.

I know this spring has taken my mind to a lot of places and greeting a lot of fictional characters that are anxious to be put on paper (or on the computer).

I know time will tell when one of these stories will be finished.

Sarah From “We’re Finally On Our Own”

Lately, I have been in the mood to draw, and I drew two pictures of Sarah (cartoon version and more realistic version.

I have done better pencil drawings of her before.  She usually looks close to that drawing, but I made her eyes too far apart on this drawing.  Knowing me, this probably won’t be the last drawing I do of her.

I know I should do more drawings of the guys from that story.  I didn’t do very many drawings of William and Steve.  I don’t know why, but that’s what happened.  Who knows?  I might draw one of those guys tomorrow.

More Art with Copic Markers

I have been enjoying working with the Copic markers that I have so far…  I am still practicing with shading and blending.
IMG_20170414_171624As you can see, the second flower is pretty dark.  Through my phone, it turned out dark, but it is really three nice shades of purple.

For the second photo, I did a animated/cartoon drawing of one of my characters, Sarah.  Most of the markers, I used were with the Copic markers, but I used regular markers for her hair, lips, and eyes.  Maybe when I get more markers, she will look better.

I know I did a better job with the flowers than I did with Sarah, but hopefully, things will change in the near future.

Writing Weekend

This Saturday, I didn’t make a video on YouTube, but I did work on one of my upcoming stories.  My stories are more important than my videos.  😀  Don’t get me wrong, I do like making videos and talk about writing and art, but getting my work finished is more important.  I was also working more notes and outlines to one of my stories good part of the day.

I did make a video clip talking about making Notes and Outlines before writing the actual story.  Click on the title and you can watch that video clip.

Going Back to “On Our Own”


I wrote about the making of the novel, so I can write this entry…  Like when I was 12 years old and struggling in elementary school, the characters came about.  This spring has been stressful for me and the characters were coming back into my head.  I guess I was missing them.  I decided I want to write a prequel to the story. I thought it would be fun to write how the characters met and when the colors came about.  I have already started working on the first rough draft.  I am anxious to see where it will lead.

I already know how I want some of scenes to turn out.  If you have read the original story, it will start when the Starburg sisters’ father left the girls, and they became homeless and they eventually find Robbie and the rest of the crew.