I Won Some Prizes!

Around Easter time, I ordered some ink refills for my Copic markers at MarkerPop.com, and they had a Easter Egg Hunt, and you can find eggs through out their site, and possibly win prizes. I found several of them. It did take awhile for me to get my order, but I feel like part of it was my fault. It’s kind of a long story… Anyway, when I got the refills in the mail – I got a lot of interesting things that were added into my package. I did get some of the prizes.
The prizes are: two crafty stamps, parchment paper (10 sheets), and crafty paper (pad).


Today, I finally did something with the rubber stamp.


I quickly grabbed my Copic markers and started coloring.  I am happy with the results.  I think it is my best coloring I did with those markers.  I am still working on shading and blending.  The results look better in person than it does from the photo – the blending.