Passing On the Art Bug

Hello, everyone.  I want to apologize for not keeping you updated for the past several months.  I have been busy with a thing care a lot of you will called “life”.  I’m sure a lot of you will understand.

Schools have started, so I am back to working with kids.  I have been working on “…On Our Own” prequel.  I have been excited about it.  In this novel will show how they met each other.  Their colors also will get explained.


Also, during this summer, I have been painting portraits of characters of a sci-fi screenplay I wrote several months ago.  The looks of their faces were very visual in my mind, and I wanted to paint them on canvases with my acrylic paints.

I have been away from YouTube for awhile.  I have been feeling bad for neglecting my social media.  Like I mentioned, sometimes personal life comes first and you should take care of it before other things.

Even though writing and art are my career choices, they are also therapeutic.  I am a bad night owl.  If you know me personally, you would know that I have been like this my whole life…literally.  I have also lived with General Anxiety Disorder (GAD).  Before, I go to bed, I like to write or draw to get my mind relaxed with no worries or have a brain full of past life situations.  Then, just before I go to sleep, my characters from my own novels come to life in my head.  This has started when I was twelve years old.  I don’t think the characters that keep appearing in my head will ever allow me to retire from writing and drawing.  I will probably write stories until the day I die.

As far as art goes, drawing is in my blood.  My dad, and all of my relatives on his side of the family have been artsy and crafty.  It has been like a custom thing for my family for a century…at least.  I did take some art classes, but my dad and my grandpa were my main teachers.  My dad painted a lot with oil paints and acrylics, but was only for hobby reasons.  I think he should’ve made it as a hobby job.  A lot of people have enjoyed his paintings.

After high school, my dad and I thought it would be fun if the both of us work together at Disney Animation Studios.  Of course, it was just a pipe dream.  However, months before he passed away, he gave me some drawings he did and was hoping I would take over his fictional characters and want me to write stories based on them and make them into a children’s book series.  I’m sure you know I haven’t started yet.  I guess when I am ready to start working on the books, I want them to turn out great and perfect…something that my dad would be proud of that included some of his creations.

During this fall, I am going to focus on working on the prequel and get my novel “The Other Side Of Time: A Family’s Chronicles” in paperback form.  I would like to get both of them accomplished before the year is over.  It would be nicer if they are completed before Christmas time.






Writing Weekend

This Saturday, I didn’t make a video on YouTube, but I did work on one of my upcoming stories.  My stories are more important than my videos.  😀  Don’t get me wrong, I do like making videos and talk about writing and art, but getting my work finished is more important.  I was also working more notes and outlines to one of my stories good part of the day.

I did make a video clip talking about making Notes and Outlines before writing the actual story.  Click on the title and you can watch that video clip.

Like Every Saturday (YouTube and Art)

Like every Saturdays, I made a couple of videos for YouTube.  I made a very short clip to help celebrate Cerebral Palsey National Day (Awareness).  I will post that up on one of my YouTube channels soon.  However, I did make another video showing the pages inside my sketch book.  I did some drawings of some of my story characters, and some designs with my small collection of Copic Markers.  Go ahead and watch my latest video clip.

Since I focus on making videos on YouTube talking about my writing and drawing, I didn’t have the time to fit in any of my writing.  Maybe tomorrow, but we will see.